How does Video Baluns works? How to use them with your security camera system?

A Video Balun enables the transmission of video using unshielded twisted pair wire instead of coaxial cable. The word “balun” comes from combining the terms balanced and unbalanced. The function of a balun is to transform an unbalanced signal into a balanced signal. Moreover, customers can stretch out the maximum length of wired systems with Cat5e/Cat6 Cable.

Video Balun

A video balun will send video from a security camera that has a BNC connector back to the DVR, but it will not provide any power to the camera. You still need a individual power adaptor or power cable for the camera. The signal type of the BNC camera determines the maximum length of video transmission. For older analog cameras it is 1000 feet, and for HD security cameras over coax it is 800ft.

Before choosing the correct Video Balun for your security system, the distance of transmission should be the first thing you consider. There are two types of baluns, passive balun and active video balun. Passive balun are used on both ends for less than 1000 feet. We recommend to use Active Baluns to transmit video up to 3000 feet. Moreover, we recommend the use of Active Video Baluns to transmit video up to 3000 feet. It is also common to use passive video balun on the camera and Active Video Balun Receiver to achieve video transmission up to 1500 feet.

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